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From WTF to AOK- Time Management Series for Multipreneurs

Multipreneurs- who knew there was a word that perfectly describes my tribe! We have a certain set of skills that comes with a special set of challenges. If you have ever simultaneously run, sold and built multiple businesses, take five to to get back time in your life and make doing business a pleasure no matter which one you are working on.

photo credit: I Am Alisha Nicole | BCP Detroit

"Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life." - John Wooden


1) Make your day AOK by categorizing and charting your daily tasks. What does that mean...?

Automate- Don't send a human to do a computer's job.... free and paid tools for social media, website and other digital profiles are plentiful! Taking admin tasks off your plate removes your fingers from the keyboard, so you can take your face into the community.

Outsource- Multipreneurs, we are FREAKS. Control FREAKS. All is not lost- we just need to delegate what needs a human touch, but isn't the best use of our time. It will hurt a bit at first, but you will survive then THRIVE as you embrace the freedom to nurture relationships.

Keep- this is the FUN magic! You keep responsibilities that bring you joy and allow you to work ON your business instead of being bogged down IN your business with day-to-day tasks that can easily be delegated. Relationship building, community involvement and growth planning will take your business to the next level, all while your automations and outsourcing keep the train running on time.

PRO Tip:  After you chart your AOK tasks, you'll realize that are connected in ways that can lead to consolidation. You'll save time, effort AND money when you see the connections!



Phone calls during dinner? NOPE.

Answering texts while at the movies? STOP. Dipping out during family time to "go to the bathroom" when you are really taking a client call on Sunday afternoon? HARD PASS.

This is a struggle for our tribe, but respecting our OWN time leads to clients doing the same. AND, keeps our partners and friends from feeling abandoned. It also does something ELSE magical- it gives us time to recharge and refresh.

When we DO return to work, it's without dragging guilt with us, and renewed energy to get things done.

PRO Tip:  Set YOUR boundaries, YOUR way. It's supposed to feel uncomfortable, but not hamstring you to someone else's ideal of "the right way." Give it a week before making changes- new habits take time!


Look- we work hard at EVERYTHING for a reason- to enjoy our lives. When we set and obey our boundaries, the result is freedom to enjoy the things we are working for.

If you need help going from WTF to AOK- reach out and let's chat! after all, I MADE the time to teach others to Grow with a PRO!

Part Two of this series: Brain Baggage!

Renee Don and Gino Ventrice on the Amalfi Coast works with franchise owners, tourism professionals and business owners who are ready to invest in leveraging relationships to become a local favorite through increased foot traffic, repeat and referral business, and being valued as a staple in the community. She is a successful entrepreneur who built and sold an award winning tour company. Renee also built a department of a local company to seven figure success leading to franchising, and served on their

Franchisor Team as the VP of Marketing.

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