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You have the website traffic and plenty of followers and fans on social media. Why aren't more converting to paying clients? 


You have the website traffic and plenty of followers and fans on social media. Why aren't more converting to paying clients? 

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They come through your door, but leave without making a purchase- WHY?
Sometimes we're so enamored with our services & products,  we end up "selling the what"
instead of "sharing the why." 


You will take away: 

  • Clear understanding of the consumer's online experience with your digital profiles

  • Messaging improvements to entice your fans to buy from & refer you

  • Online communities to connect with to create revenue-generating relationships

BONUS: Your Assessment fee can be applied to Laser Coaching or other consulting  services booked within 48 hours after your session.

Are YOU ready? Let's GROW!

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You have a proven-effective marketing plan, or are READY for one- but there is so much to do and so much to learn- it feels like you're drinking from a fire hose! 

SO much information, SO many things to put into action- where do you start?

How do you focus?


You didn't go into business to become a Marketing Professional- but I DID.


It's time to get back to doing what you love with a strategy that gets you seen faster, easier & with an affordable investment

of your time & money!

Laser coaching helps you eat that marketing elephant one bite at a time.   Let's

  • Dig deep into your specific need

  • Deploy immediate solutions

  • Increase your visibility, connections & revenue opportunities 

BONUS: 15 minute follow up call to track your actions & their impact on your business


Are YOU ready? Let's GROW!

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ReneeVentrice_LOGO_Pieces_Vine 4.png
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Fit matters- let's discover whether or not we're a fit to work together to move your business forward. It's really that simple. Get onto my calendar- let's check this connection!


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Sometimes you just need to hear from an expert who understands your business.

There are days you just need to ask an expert a question and get an answer without friction, or explaining your band.  

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Who is your go-to when you need clarity or an objective view...? Who has been in your head, understands your goals and wants to see you succeed? Who has the resources to expand your network of trusted experts to

drive your business forward? 

As your Community Connection Strategist, we've already worked together, and I'm already familiar with your hoorays and your headaches. 


I want to continue my support of your success! I'll be by your side to answer impromptu questions and leverage expertise of my network of industry experts to keep you moving toward your professional goals.

Are YOU ready? Let's GROW!

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Access to:*

  • 90 days of advisory text and email**

  • Network of industry leaders & vetted professional experts

  • Warm referrals to qualified leads***

  • Introductions to vetted professionals ***

* must be past coaching client (excludes Assessments) to qualify for Retainer services 

**answered during business day, or before end of next business day after hours

*** includes up to 3 of each, based on reciprocal connection requests

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