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Renee is a fantastic human and a fantastic mentor.

She is not only a leader herself, but she has inspired and mentored countless others who have gone on to become leaders in other industries! She listens to learn while sharing her experiences to empower others. I am very grateful for the support and look forward to a continued valuable relationship in our future.”


Tyeise D.

"I highly recommend Renee as a pillar of success for any branding, business awareness or social media initiative. Through our many calls together, Renee provided invaluable feedback on “learning the ropes” on how to integrate social media into branding campaigns efficiently and effectively. She also provided valuable insight and knowledge on ways to engage various audiences online. Personally, I had never done any online fitness videos before Renee. She helped me “get out there”!! If you are unsure what to do next for your business, branding or social media, contact Renee!"


Dana Bloom K.

"Renee is extremely business and media savvy and she is not afraid of sharing it. Her support and advice was pivotal in the development of my business, The Cornichon. I started it at the very beginning of the pandemic and by April, I thought we were going to close. With Renee's help, I was able to increase my Facebook page from 200 to 3K. I got much needed exposure, new clients and collaborations and my business grew. Her assistance exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her services."


Regina A.

"It's hard to truly quantify how Renee has helped us. We reached out to her when we were struggling for direction, unsure if we could (or even should) keep going. The first thing that grabs you is her infectious energy and how engaged she is. And then you're amazed at how these ideas start flowing - I couldn't keep up taking notes. But for us, the most important thing I think is having a person who believes in you, roots for you, and is truly in your corner. This right here is absolutely invaluable - and this is who Renee is. I continue to bounce ideas off of Renee, and I know I can trust her feedback because she truly cares about our success. She continues to recommend us to others, and we got one of our biggest orders in our 3 years thanks to her! There is no guarantee we'll make it, but knowing that there are individuals out there who have trust in you, believe in your dreams and are willing to go out of their way to make it happen is not easy to find today. We are truly indebted to Renee for everything she stands for."

Mohammed B.

"I don’t even know what to say about Renee! First, she is THE REAL DEAL! An absolute champion & advocate for her clients!

The first time I zoomed with Renee she came at me with a half dozen PRACTICAL ideas that I could implement immediately right out of the gate! She had suggestions for making my social media presence more streamlined, a new revenue stream, and branding ideas (and in fact, she often still messages me with new ideas out of the blue) More than these amazing business pieces though… Renee is ON YOUR TEAM & she wants you to succeed (& committed to getting you there)! You need RENEE VENTRICE on your team!!! Seriously, you won’t find someone more dedicated to you & your business endeavors!"


Kelly R.

"Look no further if you are an entrepreneur or dipping your toe in the entrepreneurial pool. Renee Ventrice is the business savvy coach that you want in your corner. Her years of experience and skill will give you the leg up you need to succeed. In addition to all the knowledge she can share to elevate your business, Renee's level of enthusiasm for all things business is great! Under her guidance you will learn the things you need to succeed, especially in the social media realm."


Angela Snyder R.

"Have you ever been stuck? I was I had so many ideas written down and in my head until I didn't know where to start. Renee brainstormed with me helped realign my focus. When I hung up the phone that day, my thoughts were organized and I was clear on which tasks I needed to tackle first (with a few new ones) Her creative energy is what I needed to keep moving forward and I began to plan some launch events around my pet food brand! Renee has provided me with referrals, business connections, and thanks to her furry love Beemer, she is even a customer! What more can I say? Renee is simply amazing and her smile is as bright as her desire to see people pursue their dream...and WIN! Renee is a successful entrepreneur in her own right! She and her husband own Cork & Keg Tours. I watched her take that business pivot during the pandemic years, grow it, and add employees! That's the knowledge any business owner wants to know. Cheers to you Renee! Excited you are focusing on helping others win too!"

Mary H.


“Renee has gone above and beyond for me and my business without me even asking, she always has words of wisdom and advice and it has helped me grow tremendously! I can not recommend her enough for all business endeavors. She is passionate about helping people grow and it shows! Being in her presence feels like a warm hug. She welcomes anyone into her life and feels like family. I cannot say enough about her and the impact she has made in my life.”


Ali H.



"OK where do I begin…with this fascinating, beautiful, wonderfully supportive lady, named Renee Ventrice!

When I picked my catering biz back up, after returning from culinary school, Renee Ventrice was one of the first people to embrace me and my business. She would go on social media, and still does to this day, recommending my business to her clients, potential clients and those looking for catering services.

Mind you, Renee did not know me from Adam! , but while running & building her OWN business, she sowed into me and mine! I can never thank her enough for all that she has done, will do & continues to do, for me and countless other small biz owners, very selflessly, without expecting anything in return!


Kesha H.​​

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