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Grow with a PRO

You took the courageous step to build a business, but clients aren’t coming your way… let’s work together to define, refine, and nurture your audience, message and relationships to create revenue-generating connections, both online and in person!

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Renee Ventrice

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Make Minions to Make Millions

You have an incredible product or service, yet you aren’t getting the clients you deserve, even though you post on social media, offer discounts and run ads. Why not? Because your message isn’t connecting with your ideal clients, and your ideal clients don’t have a connection with your brand. The Principles of Relationship Optimization are the key to revenue-generating community connections- stop repeating the same old tactics and expecting different results! 

Key Benefits:

Connect your clients to your brand, use uncommon commonalities to collaborate with adjacent businesses, set a foundation for friction free communication with clients and local businesses.


Instantly apply tools to streamline communications, unlock shortcuts to connect clients to your brand, discover revenue-generating connections you didn’t know you already have.

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I went to a wine tasting and food pairing evening hosted by Renee and while I went to the event by myself, I was never alone. Renee was so welcoming, introduced the attendees to each other, and made sure everyone on the room was engaged in the conversation. Her metaphors about the different wine were very funny and and it was a delightful evening!

Carmen Shamwell

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It’s time for a marketing strategy that is as unique and exceptional as your brand! We plant a seed, we feed and water it, we watch it thrive and harvest the crop.

Are you ready to Grow with a PRO?

Planting the Seeds of Success

What to expect from your Power Hour  or VIP PRO Experience

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Ready to Plant the Seeds of Success?

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