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“Renee has gone above and beyond for me and my business without me even asking, she always has words of wisdom and advice and it has helped me grow tremendously! I can not recommend her enough for all business endeavors. She is passionate about helping people grow and it shows! Being in her presence feels like a warm hug. She welcomes anyone into her life and feels like family. I cannot say enough about her and the impact she has made in my life.”


Ali H.

"OK where do I begin…with this fascinating, beautiful, wonderfully supportive lady, named Renee Ventrice!

When I picked my catering biz back up, after returning from culinary school, Renee Ventrice was one of the first people to embrace me and my business. She would go on social media, and still does to this day, recommending my business to her clients, potential clients and those looking for catering services.

Mind you, Renee did not know me from Adam! , but while running & building her OWN business, she sowed into me and mine! I can never thank her enough for all that she has done, will do & continues to do, for me and countless other small biz owners, very selflessly, without expecting anything in return!


Kesha H.​​

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