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Vulnerable doesn't = Weak, Silent doesn't = Strong

Updated: Mar 19

The strong silent type may work in a relationship, but not in business. Can your story bring you business? Absolutely.

The Power of Vulnerability

Before you dive into spilling the tea about your struggle and story, define WHY you are telling it to refine your story's direction. Why you start impacts how you finish.

The WHAT- Struggle

I overcame a lifelong fear of dying in water by taking months of swimming lessons in 2022. I know, I know, I was a sailor in the Navy. I knew how to swim. But shortly after joining the military, the irrational fear became an albatross around my neck and I was tired of being controlled by it. I tried white water rafting, tubing, cruises- you name it. Its grip simply got tighter.

So, I shared the journey by taking folks from my terror & panic to eventual triumph & freedom. The unexpected DMs from strangers who became inspired to face their own fears were humbling, the thank yous for my vulnerability were empowering.

The WHY- Personal Motivation

WHY did I share? Simply to draw courage to succeed by creating public accountability. I kew it would be easy to find excuses to quit if I kept this fight to myself. So I told 1000 facebook friends, countless strangers, and 6,000+ facebook and instagram followers what I was doing.

The kind comments filled me with positive thoughts and motivation NOT to quit every time I got into the water, aka the LIQUID DEATH POOL. I read them before class and they were in my head every time I released the damn wall.

The RESULT- Community Expansion

I refused to quit even though I cried on the way to and after every class. I WON. I beat the fear and get into whatever body of water I am near just to prove that I WON. The something INCREDIBLE happened. I walked into every room with a lighter step and a confidence that I couldn't fail. I landed bigger clients, took bigger risks, and relaxed into a life that was no longer ruled by fear.

Even better, others joined the class because of my story & conquered their fear as well. I would be a liar if I said I did it to help others- that was beautiful icing on the cake that I didn't expect. And it ended up being, like icing at times- the BEST part.

My coach ended up with new clients, and a success story she could use to inspire other adult clients who struggled with my same fear. The folks who joined me in the pool found strength and inspiration that spurred them into action. And a whole community helped me to literally float into a new audience and run my business from a place of power instead of fear.

You may never be told, but your genuine story WILL help someone else through their struggle. And when you know why you are telling it before you start, and it can bring results beyond measure.

​​ offers Relationship Marketing Assessments to determine your strengths, weaknesses and next steps to recharge your impact through digital marketing, as well as one-on-one Laser Coaching for tourism professionals and small business owners. She is a successful entrepreneur who built and sold an award winning tour company. Renee also built a department of a local company to seven figure success leading to franchising, and served on their

Franchisor Team as the VP of Marketing.

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