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Grow with a PRO

You took the courageous step to build a business, and it's time to generate the attention you deserve. Let’s work together to define, refine, and nurture your audience, message and relationships to create revenue-generating connections, both online and in person!


A SMALL investment in yourself yields BIG results for your business when you consistently implement the Seeds of Success that we customize for your business. Who's ready to Grow with a PRO? Get on my calendar- it all starts NOW.

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Renee Ventrice

One-on-One Sessions

You know WHAT you need to do, you know WHY you need to do it. 

NOW- you need initiate the HOW.

Imagine this:  someone hands you the keys to a Maserati, and points to a golden road in the distance that you should drive to

for that ultimate experience.

BUT.  You need the manual to understand how to use all those buttons, knobs and next level settings. You need the tools to navigate to the road for that ultimate experience.

That's what Laser Coaching is- it's the HOW. It's the MAP. It's the buttons and knobs that you need to get there- not all of those knobs you don't you need in THAT moment, so we will focus on each piece, like a LASER.  

We will implement the new ABCs:

  • Plan out your ACTIONS that

  • Identify your BLIND SPOTS to

  • Create solutions for your CHALLENGES


All to grow your revenue generating opportunities and relationships.

How To Embrace
Your Excellence:

To build a strong foundation that's ready for growth, we strategize to create and nurture online and on the ground relationships that bring revenue and return Pleasure into doing Business!

Instantly Implemented Tools:

Your time is valuable, and so is mine- so we don't waste a single moment. Before your Laser Coaching Session, you'll complete a short yet comprehensive overview so I come to your session fully prepared with your action items ready to implement and expectations exceeded.

Schedule Your
One -on-One
Laser Coaching Session

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POWER HOUR Masterclass

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I went to a wine tasting and food pairing evening hosted by Renee and while I went to the event by myself, I was never alone. Renee was so welcoming, introduced the attendees to each other, and made sure everyone on the room was engaged in the conversation. Her metaphors about the different wine were very funny and and it was a delightful evening!

Carmen Shamwell

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