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Grow with a PRO

You took the courageous step to build a business, and clients are coming your way, but not as many as you'd like, and not always the ideal client you crave.

It's time to become a local favorite with increased foot traffic, repeat and referral clients, and to be valued as a staple in your community.

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Renee Ventrice

Paid Over Popular

You make fun, amazing content, but no one seems to pay attention- but is that the

truth or your perception?


Get Paid over Popular with three power plays to bring joy to your social marketing experience,

& make your business POP!

We will:

  • Streamline what you CREATE 

  • Adjust how you CONNECT 

  • Improve how you COMMUNICATE

To grow your revenue generating relationships.

How To Solve the Problem:

When you put connection ahead of content,

& sharing ahead of selling- you build online relationships that bring revenue, and leave

social media content stress behind.

Instantly Implemented Tools:

Take the shortcut to implementing this mindset shift in this powerful strategy session, stop letting vanity numbers control you- your new relationship with

social media starts NOW!

Reserve Your Networking Group's

Power Hour 

Let’s define, refine, and nurture your audience, message and relationships to create revenue-generating connections, both online

and within your community!

Power Hours instantly implement tools- we don't just DISCUSS it, we DO it.

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Reserve your group

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I went to a wine tasting and food pairing evening hosted by Renee and while I went to the event by myself, I was never alone. Renee was so welcoming, introduced the attendees to each other, and made sure everyone on the room was engaged in the conversation. Her metaphors about the different wine were very funny and and it was a delightful evening!

Carmen Shamwell

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