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YOUR Community- YOUR Circle

Updated: Mar 3

Sometimes, if you want it done right- you've gotta do it yourself. Is it time to create your own community...?

photo credit I am Alisha Nicole | BCP Detroit

The Chosen Few- Invited by You

Everyone doesn't deserve, need or even want access to you in real life, so why give that up on social media? Take the opportunity to surround yourself with those you want to work with, as clients, collaborators and cross-promoters by creating your own space to thrive.

Truth is- you could make the greatest bison burger in the planet, but if you're sharing the recipe with a room full of vegans, you're in the wrong room. Social media is a public park, where everybody can say anything to anyone, anytime. But not in a private group- there, you get to approve the content, conversations, and contributors.

Some community managers make the mistake of being too narrow-minded in choosing members, so think in all directions when deciding on members. You'd be surprised at who your people actually are, and who and what they can bring to your table.

Velvet Rope- the Art of Exclusivity

Treat your social media community like a private club, and you'll create a sought-after space that is filled with the people you want to surround yourself with. Curate a private space for those who can not only elevate your business, but also provide you with opportunities to help others to rise.

Quality beats quantity every time, so don't chase the numbers, invite the power players that will create engaging conversations and opportunities, and bring their contacts along!

Members should be ALL the "E's": Educated, Entertained, Enthusiastic and of course, Engaged! Conversations you start should never be focused on sales for your company, but rather, support focused- with some clever fun sprinkled in! When you make building relationships the top priority- the sales and and leads will come. From collaborations to philanthropy- a small private group can make a big public impact.

PRO Tip: Going it alone is fine at first, but it takes a lot of work to run and manage a community, so consider creating a trusted team of admins and moderators. They can help keep the community content in line with the culture you want to foster, and be a great resource for member recruitment.

As an admin of a community with over 23,000 members in 2024, I support the founder of the group to keep the positive, supportive tone in the community. offers Relationship Marketing Assessments to determine your strengths, weaknesses and next steps to recharge your impact through digital marketing, as well as one-on-one Laser Coaching for tourism professionals and small business owners. She is a successful entrepreneur who built and sold an award winning tour company. Renee also built a department of a local company to seven figure success leading to franchising, and served on their

Franchisor Team as the VP of Marketing.

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